LyingInFlowersTo learn easy meditation, you have but to find the meditation that’s right for you. It is important that you do this, so that the meditation you use does not conflict with what you want in life.  My job is to help you find it.

There are really only two types of meditation. One is not better than the other. When you use the type that comes naturally for you, meditation will be pleasant and easy, and bring you the best results.

Learn Easy Meditation and Reap the Rewards

Benefits of Meditation

Calm your mind in an instant
Control your blood pressure
Reduce stress
Improve concentration
Experience amazing out of body journeys
Access your inherent power
Achieve deep relaxation
Expand your consciousness
Increase self-awareness
See your Real Self
Sleep better and increase sleep quality
Use your dreams to advantage
Control the flow of blood from a wound
Develop a peaceful mind
Increase intuition and become more psychic
Slow or increase your heartrate
See beyond the ordinary
… and the list goes on.

You have found this page for a reason. You are interested to learn easy meditation. No matter what your reasons are for having this interest, what you want from meditation is attainable.

Meditation is a far-reaching internal affair. It is a science with a track record of thousands of years, and is proved by those who have reached its heights. Ancient texts by and about these people abound. Through them, we can follow their example to success and fulfillment.

Everyone Can Learn Easy Meditation

Meditation for LifeMeditation doesn’t care why you do it. It doesn’t care if you are a spiritual or religious person, an artist, a scientist or a candlestick maker. It doesn’t care what your IQ is or how much money you have. It works when you work it, and I can show you how. But I will not soft-pedal it. I will tell you only the truth based on three things: the ancient texts, what I have learned from my own teacher, and my own experience of 40 years.

There are many kinds of meditation available today. They all fall into one or the other of two types. Of the two types, one has many options, the other very few. Finding what is best for you may seem confusing, but we will clear this up quickly.

The first of these two types that we will explore is a latter day product of the other type. We will use it as a means of understanding how meditation works, and develop a meditation practice in an easy way that you will enjoy.

The second type is probably not known to you. It is known to very few people on this earth. And it is very different from the first type. We will explore a modified version of it that is very freeing and easy to practice.

In addition to this, I will share a meditation of my own design that I created for two purposes: so that you can discover the type of meditation you prefer, and so that you can gain access to your own inherent power. And all this as you learn easy meditation in a pleasant and enjoyable manner.

In the end, you will know what you want and how to shop for it. And you will have accumulated more knowledge on the subject of meditation than you may have thought possible, and had fun doing it.

Beyond this, there are advanced meditation programs you can engage in to further your knowledge and your progress.

If you would like to know more about the person talking to you now, go to my website,, under “About” for my bios—personal, professional and whimsical.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma